A wild land of untamed frontiers extends beyond the Endworld Mountains. Here, fugitives from the Last War found an unclaimed region—at least, unclaimed by other humans, dwarves, or elves—in which they could escape the bloodshed back home. Lizardfolk, dragonborn, and kobold communities can be found here. These beings have ties stretching back thousands of years and no desire to lose their lands to the mammals of the west.

Common Knowledge

Q’barra is divided into two general regions. New Galifar was founded by fugitives who fled the early years of the Last War rather than shed the blood of their neighbors, and Hope was founded by more recent explorers and fugitives. The former is a feudal, highly ordered realm, whereas the latter consists of largely independent, self-governed communities. The Treaty of Thronehold recognizes Q’barra as a nation but makes no distinction between these two disparate territories.

The remainder of the region is occupied by reptilian tribes. Some lizardfolk and dragonborn are willing to trade with New Galifar and Hope, but others use force to drive the invaders out of their territories.

Regional Features

Q’barra is lush and incredibly dangerous. It is a land of thick forests, jungle foliage, rich soil, and murky swamps-all of which swarm with life, particularly with reptiles that can be deadly to the unprepared explorer.
Haka’torvhak: An enormous citadel carved into the side of a volcano, Haka’torvhak is said to have been created by demons in a bygone age. It is the center of a primitive religion practiced by several lizardfolk and kobold tribes as well as by the occasional dragonborn.
Ka’rhashan: Ka’rhashan is both the largest dragonborn community on Khorvaire and a site holy to that race. The volcanic glass and stone buildings trimmed in brass gleam in the light. This community permits outsiders to enter, but a dragonborn must accompany nondragonborn visitors to prevent the occasional, foolish adventurer from attempting to loot the city’s sacred sites.
Mar’saval: A sunken city whose towers protrude from foul waters, Mar’saval is a truly ancient ruin said to be filled with horrid magic, lost treasures, and corrupted lizardfolk.
Newthrone: Newthrone is a fortified port along the Whitecliff River, the seat of power of New Galifar and the capital of the recognized nation of Q’barra. It’s surprisingly civilized for the region, offering comforts such as House Ghallanda inns and taverns as well as multiple marketplaces where humans, halflings, lizardfolk, and dragonborn mingle.
Wyrmwatch: The heart of Hope, Wyrmwatch is a small but growing village. It has its own mines and farms, making it a viable economic power in the region. Wyrmwatch is a theocracy, ruled by puritanical Silver Flame extremists who despise lizardfolk and distrust dragonborn.

People of Q’barra

Lizardfolk outnumber humans in Q’barra; dragonborn and kobolds exist in roughly half of humanity’s numbers. A few other races—halflings and [[half-elves, in particular—appear on occasion, but they represent a small minority. Some Chosen and Inspired of Sarlona dwell in a Riedran quarter in Newthrone, along with a tiny number of kalashtar who are keeping an eye on their traditional enemy. The wealthy of New Galifar attempt to replicate the fashions of Galifar with flowing gowns and ruffled tunics, but the majority of Q’barrans dress in whatever heavy garments can stand up to the rigors of life on the frontier.
Most of the humans in Q’barra worship the Sovereign Host or the Silver Flame, the former being more common in New Galifar and the latter being more common in Hope. Dragonborn are known to worship the Sovereign Host in their incarnations as dragon sovereigns, whereas the lizardfolk and kobold tribes revere various spirits or demons.


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