As the name implies, warforged were built by House Cannith as soldiers to fight in the Last War. Now that the Last War is over, the warforged struggle to find a purpose in the world. Many take up jobs that involve combat, such as that of a mercenary, Xen’drik explorer, or law enforcement. Some never left the militaries of their nations.

Each Warforged has a unique mark on its forehead called a ghulra, the Dwarven word for “truth.” No two warforged have the same ghulra.

Warforged are physically genderless, but many choose to identify as male or female to fit in with normal humanoids.

A warforged could theoretically live forever as long as it receives maintenance and repairs. The first warforged was built in the year 965 YK, so the oldest a warforged can be is 33, and the youngest age possible is 2, since the Last War ended two years ago, and warforged production ceased.


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