Lord of Blades

Evil leader of the Blades


Philosopher, visionary, warlord, messiah . . . abomination, racist, psychopath, tyrant — each of these words has been used to describe the Lord of Blades. This Warforged leader has established a cult of personality within the Mournland. His commands are carried out by loyal warforged and constructs known as the Blades.

Nobody knows where the Lord of Blades came from, but several theories exist. Perhaps he was once Rampart, a Cyran commander who led warforged units in the Last War. Some believe he is Bulwark, the servant of King Boranel of Breland who advocated warforged freedom to the king and disappeared after the Treaty of Thronehold was signed. The hero Bastion, another Brelish warforged who probably died on the Field of Ruins, is sometimes considered a possibility. It could also be that the Lord of Blades was the last warforged to emerge from the Cannith creation forges before they were dismantled.

Lord of Blades

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