Rise of the Blades


Or: Fighters roll lots of dice

Two months before the Day of Mourning, Duranar and Balabar were staying for the night in a small village on the border of Breland and Thrane. There they discovered that there have been several murders in the town the past week; at the site of each this symbol was etched into the wall or floor. The captian of the town guard offered them 25 GP each to catch the perpetrators.

The discussion was interrupted by the guard captain being shot by a dart and passing out. Two warforged, one armed with a morningstar and the other a armbow entered the building and attacked. After a quick fight the armbow warforged was killed and the two attempted to interrogate his partner, they weren’t successful, but he did mention his master (the Lord of Blades). Duranar impaled the warforged on his double scimitar and promptly checked the bodies for loot. He found nothing of value, but found a note discussing a plan to sacrifice someone in a cave, along with a map to said cave.

Balabar and Duranar quickly went to the cave and found that a large warforged with intricate designs etched across his body (along with two other warforged) preparing to sacrifice a young human woman. After a long, grueling battle, the trio of warforged were defeated and the woman rescued.


You forgot to mention how awesome I was. Lemme tell you, I was awesome.

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